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Relationship Counselling in Putney, London SW15

Welcome. I’m Amanda Goodhart. I’ve been counselling couples at Relate in Wimbledon and privately in Putney since 2004. My experience at Relate has taught me that relationships can go wrong at any time, and sometimes a little outside assistance can help put things back on track.

Relationship Counselling

We’re all social creatures who need to interact successfully to be happy, and the breakdown in our main relationship can be a cause of great misery. The difference between a successful relationship and breaking-up is often the ability to communicate. We’re not all brilliant at this, but we can all learn how to become better communicators.

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Marriage Preparation

Marriage Preparation courses are becoming common, as the understanding grows that couples may want to chat about some of the ‘big issues’ before they tie the knot. I have helped to develop and run the marriage preparation workshop at two of Putney’s churches: All Saints and St Mary’s.

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